Our History

Advanced Management Information Systems (AMIS) was founded in 1970 to assist credit unions in the Pittsburgh, Pa area with batch processing. In 1984, the employees of AMIS purchased the firm and designed an online version of the credit union processing software.

By 1988, programmers developed an in-house data processing solution designed to operate on the computers of the credit union.

AMIS continued to make enhancement to the systems during the 1990s, utilizing the latest technology and internet solutions.

In 2013, MY CU Services, the payment service and technology CUSO of Mid-Atlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union, purchased AMIS. MY CU Services shared philosophy on collaboration and high quality services alongside AMIS’s dedication and technology made this union a winning combination.

Together the two organizations continue to increase their technology enhancements to their products and services with the ultimate goal of credit union success and longevity.